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Olive Wood Lord's Prayer Cross - Aramic Language Version


Olive wood cross with the Lord's prayer (Aramic Language Version); traditionally made and crafted, made of olive wood. Made in the Holy Land - Bethlehem region.

This exquisite cross is adorned with the timeless words of the Lord's Prayer, skillfully etched in the ancient Aramaic language. Aramaic, once spoken by Jesus himself, holds a profound significance in the history of Christianity. Its intricate script and historical context add a layer of depth and spirituality to this sacred artifact, serving as a tangible link to the origins of our faith.
Dating back thousands of years, Aramaic was the language of daily life in the region where Jesus lived and preached. Its resonance in the Lord's Prayer echoes through the ages, carrying with it the essence of devotion and supplication. Each word, each line, holds a reverent weight, inviting believers to reflect on the profound meaning of Christ's teachings.

Beyond its linguistic beauty, the presence of Aramaic on this cross serves as a powerful symbol of continuity and tradition. It speaks to the enduring nature of faith and the unbroken chain of spiritual heritage passed down through generations

Size: 22 cm * 14 cm * 1 cm (8.7 inch * 5.5 inch * 0.4 inch);

Please note that the measurements provided are approximate. The sizes of the product may vary slightly due to its handmade nature.

Gift idea: Easter gift, religious holiday gift.

Material: Olive wood from olive tree trimmings.

*Please note that due to the natural characteristics and properties of olive wood, each product is expected to have its own unique grain pattern and color.

We at HolyLand presents believe in the importance of preserving the environment and refraining from harming trees.
You can enjoy this genuine olive wood product with its unique colors and grain lines knowing that no trees were harmed while producing it.
The wood used in the making of your precious and special product was harvested in the process of pruning olive trees in the Bethlehem area, as part of the natural care of the trees.

Olive Wood Lord's Prayer Cross - Aramic Language Version


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